For more than six months we’ve been using the Visco Probe to control the addition of water to our various mixes for fibre-reinforced concrete with really good results.
Bendt Aarup,R & D manager. Hi-CON A/S


Higher quality in manual mixing

An easy way to start quality assurance. Quality is optimised on the basis of consistency (rheology) measurements – before delivery for casting.

How you benefit

With a Visco Probe installed in your mixing plant, you will improve the quality control of manually mixed concrete in the following ways:

  • Mixing plant operator: Can adjust the water content and super-plastification on the basis of the Visco Probe’s objective measurements, documented experience and the formula used..
  • Product quality: Greater uniformity. The production facilities can be set to known mixing parameters to ensure uniform deliveries. Quality is optimised on the basis of consistency/rheology measurements – before delivery for casting.
  • Production waste: Rejected mixes are minimised.
  • Documentation: Feedback is sent to the quality assurance department.


How to start

The Visco Probe sensor and base are mounted on the mixer and the mixing plant operator attends a two-day introductory course on the Visco Probe.

For more information about quality assurance using Visco Probe, call us on +45 66 18 20 26. 

Visco Probe

The Visco Probe adds water in doses. See how it works.

Contact us

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Manual operation

– with and without Visco Probe device.
Download product sheet.

The challenge –manual plants

Quality adjustment is based on subjective assessments of water content and varying practices. No reliable objective control.

Consequence: The concrete delivered for casting may be defective. Due to the time lag in feedback to production facilities, more defective concrete is produced, which may need to be disposed of.

Visco Probe Mixing cycle

Quality assurance in Visco Probe 
mixing cycle.