For more than six months we’ve been using the Visco Probe to control the addition of water to our various mixes for fibre-reinforced concrete with really good results.
Bendt Aarup,R & D manager. Hi-CON A/S

Convi Viscolone GB-1

Fully integrated quality control

Viscolone is consistency-based quality control that is completely independent of the process control system.

Get automatic consistency control as a fully integrated element of your production. Quality is optimised automatically on the basis of objective measurements of consistency (rheology); quality is also documented.

How you benefit

Viscolone will improve your quality control in the following ways:

  • The mix is optimised on the basis of consistency: Viscolone calculates the water content and adds water. Using the formula and batch size, Viscolone adjusts the water content following measurements of consistency/rheological values and provides input for manual adjustment of super-plastification. Key figures such as W/C ratio, viscosity and yield strength are registered and form a good basis for assessing the strength development. Previous measurements enable Viscolone to adjust bias in water content calculations automatically.
  • Automatic running-in of mix formulas: All values that depend on the mix formula are found and registered during a single test mix.
  • Troubleshooting: Possibility for troubleshooting in the production flow with a view to optimising the mix and sending feedback to the quality assurance department.
  • Product quality: Greater uniformity of deliveries where the mix is determined by the desired consistency. Quality is optimised on the basis of the Visco Probe’s consistency/rheology measurements – before delivery for casting.
  • Production waste: Rejected mixes are minimised through the automatic optimisation of mixes.
  • Documentation: Feedback is sent to the quality assurance department. Documented experience is included in the formulas.

How to start

The Visco Probe sensor and base re mounted on the mixer and the Visco Probe AutoControl interface is installed and implemented. The mixing plant operator attends a two-day introductory course, and there is a one-day supplementary quality check of the plant and the integration and operation of the system.

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Visco Probe

The Visco Probe adds water in doses. See how it works.

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Process controlled production

– with and without Viscolone. 
Download product sheet.

The challenge

– in process controlled production and quality control process:

adjustment is based on subjective assessments of water content and varying practices. No reliable objective control.

Consequence: The concrete delivered for casting may be defective. Due to the time lag in feedback to production facilities, more defective concrete is produced, which may need to be disposed of.

Visco Probe Mixing cycle

Quality assurance in Visco Probe 
mixing cycle.